Celeste Gaia
I’m an artist based in Milan.
Born in the 90’s during the first day of summer, better known as the solstice, the longest day of the year: anyone who knows me is aware that I need a lot of space and time to communicate, so I chose "the right day" to come into the world.
Graduated in media languages @UCSC and photography @IED, I worked for creative agencies and startups as a freelance artisan of words, photos and mktg plans: here my Behance.
I also studied @Conservatory G.Verdi  and I was in the children's choir of Teatro Alla Scala. I’ve got a lot of music inside. I have started writing songs when I was 15, later my first album “Millimetro" came out with Sony Music. Listen to some of my songs on SPOTIFY, my latest single "almeno tu" just came out.
I'm the creator of Senzaquadro - cornici che parlano, an eco-sustainable design project born during the lockdown, click here to find out more.
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