Born in the 90’s in Milan, during the first day of summer, I'm a multidisciplinary artist, I express myself with design, photography, music and painting.
Graduated in media languages @università cattolica and photography @IED, I worked for creative agencies and startups as a freelance artisan of words, photos and mktg plans: here my Behance.
I created Senzaquadro®, an artistic design project made of packaging waste, born during the lockdown. It's my creative space where I make things.
 I studied @Conservatory G.Verdi  and I was in the children's choir of Teatro Alla Scala. I have started writing songs when I was 15, later my first album “Millimetro" came out with Sony Music. one of my latest songs project is "Canzoni in scatola" 
I photograph only kind people and nice things in my brand new HOME studio in Milan.
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